The NZ Chocolate Awards logo and medals are owned by Awards organisers Marvellous Marketing. Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners, category winners and the Supreme Winner are entitled to wear the appropriate NZ Chocolate Awards medal at the agreement of the organisers. Please read below for instructions on medal use.


  • NZ Chocolate Awards medal stickers may only be applied to products that have won an award in the year the product was entered. For example, i.e. a product winning a Best in Class, Best Packaging, Gold, Silver and Bronze award in the NZ Chocolate Awards Awards 2018 should wear a 2018 medal sticker.
  • Award and medal stickers can be worn for a maximum of three years from the year they are awarded. For example, medals awarded in 2018 may be worn from 1 October 2018 until 30 September March 2021.

Digital Media Artwork

  • Best in Class, Best Packaging, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners are supplied as digital medal files to use for electronic marketing communication such as; Facebook, Instagram, social media photos, e-newsletters, websites, trade marketing material, print newsletters, email signatures and letterhead.
  • This digital artwork is NOT for reproduction on packaging, as the resolution is not high enough.


All medal stickers must be purchased through Label & Litho, as a small percentage of each sale goes towards running the NZ Chocolate Awards. Please email Nikki at Label & Litho nikki@label.co.nz or complete the Order Form and email it to Nikki or phone her at Label & Litho on 0800 425 223.


Medals can be printed directly to packaging with the following licensing arrangements. These are one-off licensing fees and valid for the three-year life of the awards sticker from the date of the announcement of medal results. For example, medals awarded in 2018 may be pre-printed onto products being sold up until 30 September 2021. To enable this, producers must contact organisers Kathie Bartley or Nicola McConnell to get the high resolution print files and to arrange payment of the licensing fees which are:

  • $50 plus GST for print runs up to 4,999
  • $200 plus GST for print runs from 5,000 – 9,999
  • Larger quantities by direct agreement with the organisers

Print artwork files must be approved by Marvellous Marketing to ensure the following:

  • Medal colour must be in approved PMS colours
  • Medals must be used on correct product (for example, a medal awarded to a single product cannot be added to packaging which contains multiple products)
  • Medals must be a minimum of 25mm
  • Medals can only be used for a maximum of three years after they awarded
  • They are printed at high resolution


Any questions we are always happy to help, email as per above or call Kathie 021 275 9908 or Nicola 027 218 8120.