1. All products entered must include chocolate as an ingredient and contain all natural ingredients. Therefore chocolate used in submissions, whether bars or a coating, must meet the following definitions of fine chocolate:

a. Only real/natural vanilla as pods or extract is allowed. This can be in the form of real vanilla seeds or extract, or natural vanilla flavour – provided that this can be proved on the application.

b. Vanilla is not permitted in the plain Bean to Bar category as it is considered a flavour ingredient. Bars containing vanilla can be entered into the Flavoured Bars category. Chocolate made with vanilla can be included in entries into the other categories.

c. Only natural sugars such as refined or unrefined cane or beet sugar can be included in Bean to Bar Chocolate Bars. For Flavoured / Inclusion bars, coating chocolate for filled chocolates, truffles and other chocolate products, or the fillings in all such categories, other ‘alternate natural sugars’ are allowed.

d. Lecithin is allowed, either soy or other sources such as sunflower.

e. Dark chocolate must contain a minimum of 55% cocoa solids when used in a bar or coating. When used in a filling mixed with other ingredients 55% is permissible.

f. Milk chocolate must contain a minimum of 30% cocoa solids.

g. White chocolate must contain a minimum of 25% cocoa butter.

2. The quality of chocolate used for filled chocolates/bonbons/pralines will be a consideration when judging.

3. a) It is required to state the chocolate and ingredients used for each entry. For Bean to Bar chocolate bars, or entries using bean to bar chocolate – where the entrant is a bean to bar maker – entrants must state the farm or supplier the cocoa beans are from, providing cotact details where relevant.

3. b) Entries where ‘couverture chocolate’ (the finished solid chocolate product) has been used, then the type / origin of that chocolate and the chocolate producting business or company you bought your couverture chocolate from must be listed in full.

3. c) Ingredients, cocoa % and origin of cocoa bean will be revealed to the judges. All other specifics relating to the entry will be kept strictly confidential from judges.

4. Each entry must consist of only one single product e.g single flavour or filled chocolate or a single bar origin. Collections of bonbons or entries deemed to contain more than one type of product can not be judged.

5. You may enter multiple flavours/variants of the same product, but a separate entry form is required for each one.

6. All entries are judged blind and will be removed fully from their packaging for judging.

7. Entries will be judged according to the criteria break down set out below:

    1. Appearance/Form 20%
    2. Aroma 10%
    3. Flavour 40%
    4. Texture 30%

8. Feedback will be available to entrants in the form of standard feedback but scores will not be given out.

9. Entrants must provide all information required, in accordance with the NZ Chocolate Awards official entry form. Failure to fill out all required infomration for your entry’s category will result in your entry being rejected.

10 Entrants must state intention to enter, specify the category entered, product name and provide payment by the requested date.

11. All entries must be submitted online by 5 pm Friday 31 August 2018.

12. All entries must arrive in Auckland no later than 5pm on Tuesday 11 September to Carmel Clark, Telephone Marketing Research, 101 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga.

13. An entry fee of $85 + GST ($97.75) is applicable per entry. Fees are non-refundable.

14. Supporting materials may be included with your entry if desired. This material will not be returned.

15. Awards organisers, Intermedia NZ and Marvellous Marketing will not accept any liability for lost, delayed or misdirected entries.

16. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

17. No alternative prizes are available.

18. It is the sole responsibility of all entrants to provide all relevant information to support entries and all completed entries will become the property of Awards organisers, Intermedia NZ and Marvellous Marketing.

19. By submitting an entry to the NZ Chocolate Awards, all entrants are agreeing to take part in any and all reasonable publicity and promotions for the Awards.

20. If a product wins a major category these winning entrants may be asked to provide up to 10 packets/boxes of product at no charge for use in publicity and promotions. (Note this is optional and the PR opportunity will be discussed with each winner). Additional product should also be available at trade pricing to Awards organisers Intermedia and Marvellous Marketing for extended marketing activities to support the NZ Chocolate Awards.

21. Entry to the competition and acceptance of the prize constitutes permission to useany winner’s name, image and any competition entry (excluding contact detailsor financial information),for promotional and/or editorial purposes without additional consultation.

22. Personal information provided in your entry form will not be passed to any third parties, other than for the purpose of judging the competition or for use as outlined above.

23. By completing an entry for the NZ Chocolate Awards you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions.

24. On receipt of your entry we will send additional information on product sample requirements to be sent through for judging (2 bars/packets or 6 filled chocolates or single items (i.e. chocolate fish). For drinking chocolate one packet. For products made in New Zealand using premium chocolate, 2 samples.

25. Drinking Chocolate: Cup will be 250 ml, milk will be steamed Full Fat Anchor (unless otherwise instructed the steam will be made to the same consistency as the steamed milk used to make a flat white). Will be judged on appearance, aroma, taste and flavour.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for entry into the NZ Chocolate Awards, entries must meet the following requirements:

    1. The NZ Chocolate Awards are open to chocolate companies, chocolate makers, chocolatiers, companies producing collaborative products with a premium New Zealand chocolate brand.
    2. To be eligible for an NZ Chocolate Award the product must be submitted by the Producer or Manufacturer of the product.
    3. Products MUST be sold via retail in New Zealand at the time of judging e.g. retail stores, farmers’ markets and/or online sales.
    4. Both the product and packaging entered must meet the requirements of FSNZA and The Fair Trading Act.
    5. All entries should be as per normal production run.
    6. Note: whilst every effort is made to ensure product eligibility is correct the head judge retains the right to transfer product to a more suitable category or to withdraw product if it is deemed unsuitable for entry at any time.